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Looking for a fast personal Computer & TV Repair Service? We are locally Owned electronics repair Company.We have been in business since 2010 . We specialized in Computer Repair, PC Maintenance, Data Recovery, System Upgrades & optimizations, Virus & malware Removal, Computer Diagnostics, Software Upgrades & optimization, Laptop Repair Service, Laptop Screen Repair, iPad Repair, PC Service Repair, Mobile Phone repair, Tablet repair, IPhone, IPad, iPod, Asus, LG, or Samsung Galaxy screen repair, LED TV's, LCD TV repair, DLP TV repair, Plasma TV repair, 90% of all repairs done the same day but if you need some specific Computer parts or TV parts they have to be ordered and usually takes 3-5 working days.

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Pc's And Laptop Repair

Cracked Screen On Laptop.We repair all sorts of damaged laptops. - Screen Replacement-Broken Keyboard-No Picture-Cosmetic Damages-Broken Hinges-No Backlight-Not Charging


Phone Repair

We Repair all mobile devices. iPhones & Androids like samsung and motorola as well as all Tablets.

Plasma,Led,lcd Tv Repair

We repair a wide variety of issues including but not limited to-No Picture-No Sound-No Power-Lines On Screen-RF/Antenna Connector-No Input-Miscellaneous Issues


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Tv Repair

big screen, projection, flat panel, LED TV’s,Component Level Repair on all Brands of Television


Computer Repair

PC and MAC.Cracked Screen,LCD, Virus Removal,Keyboards. Charge ports and more…


Phone Repair

We Repair all mobile devices. iPhones & Androids like samsung and motorola as well as all Tablets.

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Brands We Repair

Akai Repair - Home Theatre Repair - CRT Repair - DLP Repair - GE Repair - Hitachi Repair - JVC Repair - LCD Repair - LG Repair - Magnavox Repair - Mitsubishi Repair - Panasonic Repair - Philips Repair - Plasma Repair - Polaroid Repair - RCA Repair - Samsung Repair - Sanyo Repair - Sharp Repair - Sony Repair - Toshiba Repair - Vizio Repair - Westinghouse Repair - Zenith Repair